sometimes it looks so beautiful.

nowadays, when i stumble into the local record store just to buy myself a lil new music purchase — it absolutely means everything to me. when i was young, naive and was able to afford more than 10 albums a month, it was complete indulgence. most were listened to more obsessively than others as i handled them like a deck of playing cards, while the scattered few that really didnt make the cut, sat back non-scratched in my cd book.

on july 11th, thom yorke of radiohead released his own album *the eraser*. last week, i excitedly drove to the music store to go buy this, feeling as if i was sixteen all over again. “oh man. where is it? where is it?” trying to remember the alphabet “t – u – v – w – x – Y – z” … as soon as i saw the familiar cover we’ve all been secretly anticipating for the past few months, i knew i had struck gold.

a rush to my car and when i carefully opened up the packaging, the greatest smile spread across my lips. to see this accordion style layout of hypnotic black & white lines, all in itself, this is creativity in its finest. a lil drive to nowhere in particular just in time to catch a sunset fade along with the sound. all i could think was how wonderful, with my last purchase of tool‘s 10,000 days and now this… to go and have this amazing beautiful artwork inside of my hands from my favorite musicians keeps me going. its all about the lil things really.

of course, i feel that this special new release, may take some time to give the proper review… however, back when i listened to those first beginning tracks, i couldn’t help but feel it. with each rush from the tone of thom’s lyrics and the tie that somehow makes you feel as if every word makes perfect sense, pulls me to another level that reminds me of just why i love music as much as i do.

you ever notice how sometimes music immediately pertains to the flow & direction of yr mood? it can make you feel happier, calm yr sadness or make you feel more powerful than ever. i had a dream after experiencing *the eraser*, an overwhelming motivation came over me. full of new changes in my own world, every lil electronic piece made me believe as if i was alone inside of an airport on one of those moving walkways. going towards the beat, my thoughts were erased and all i wanted to do was keep on walking. to keep on striving. keep on breathing. i kept on thinking the hell with anyone else who tries to strike and take me down with them. im about to board that plane and im taking off. by myself, the future is now, it really is.

time is running out
for us


3 Responses

  1. troy.

    You’re on to something special here, as it seems most of the commentors have picked up on.

    Music, above all else, is a feeling.

    Music IS art.

    You present the beauty of the tracks thru your poignant words, layout and images.

    Thanks for your time and effort in sharing a piece of you.

  2. Anonymous

    wonderful post.

    and very nice tracks. esp cymbal rush.

    i love this album so much. some of the reviews are bewildering. stylus did quite a gooden though.

    side note. had quite the thom day today. learnt clock on the aucoustic(whcih is barrels of fun and tres sexy) and went to a play in which to my delight all the scene change music was from the eraser.

    it made me smile.

    like you post did.