song // context // result — pt.2

back in june, it was easy to fall in love with a small concept of how people take in and internalize music with a memory. many people understood the simple idea of sharing the particular details of one moment and the realization of how important it made them feel.

..a warm thankyou to the anonymous contributors..

song: danarfregnir og jaroarfarir
by sigur ros [ny batteri ep & englar alheimsins 2000]

context: september 12, 2001. NYC, after hours searching through the rubble..after the smells, sights and the horrors of the past 36 hours i made the walk home for food and a shower. danarfregnir og jaroarfarir was the first song i played in a post 9/11 world.

result: i raged and cried and mourned for those i knew i’d never see on this earth again and then went back to search some more.


song: all delighted people
by sufjan stevens [eye of the beholder, vol. 1, 2000]

context: autumn break, alone at home, reading books

result: feeling as if everything’s still confusing even if something changed clearly. feeling lonely, lost, feeling silly, just feeling too much.


song: piano fire (ft. pj harvey)
by sparklehorse [its a wonderful life 2001]

context: september 2003, walking around the central area in hong kong, it was about 11pm, the streets were packed with thousands of people, it was pouring with rain, i was without an umbrella, and i was suffering one of the worst panic attacks i’d ever experienced…

result: confusion, delusion, fear, anxiety… feeling detached from what was going on around me, yet wanting to escape…

song: thots
by otep [sevas tras 2002]

context: listening to this for the 1st time, feeling how profound her lyrics were. then listening to it again, after being raped, realizing her pain was now inside of me.

result: feeling so angry, wishing to find the foreign man who did this to me, push him hard down on the ground and scream at him until he couldnt hear, feel or see anything anymore.


song: bluebeard
by gravenhurst [flashlight sessions 2004]

context: about 7 or 8 months ago, waiting for the underground to come

result: realizing the lonely lyrics perfectly describe the situation i’m in, which makes my feet so heavy that i listened to the song 3 more times before boarding the 4th or 5th train that came since i began to wait.


song: the lake
by antony & the johnsons [the lake ep 2004]

context: lying in my bed last night

result: tears rolling down onto my pillow; realizing how much of a good life i had over the past few years – and how it all fell apart, unceremoniously. the feeling of optimism about the future; whilst retaining a sense of my inward negativity; “do i want to go on anymore?”…

there will be a song//context//result pt.3 … would love to have you apart of it, please feel free to comfortably email or leave a comment.

art by carrie ann baade

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15 Responses

  1. Reagan

    Nice collection!! My taste in music is quite eclectic. I listen to Classic Rock, House, R n B, Indie, blues and some pop as well. Of late, I’ve been listening to Asunción by a band named Pacifika. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Quite a fold fusion of genres they have..

  2. music is art

    it means so much to me to have received such beautiful comments on this lil post. feeling these words meant alot to me, touched my heart. thankyou.

  3. Anonymous

    This is my favorite site. I dont even know what it is but you make an intensity that no one has the nerve to share. Your imagination is inspiring. Keep up the awesome!

  4. Moka

    I was thinking and I had a very violent breakup two years ago and I can’t stand listening to postal service anymore –

  5. Anonymous

    Over the last few months I’ve been doing something similar, asking people about what songs meant something to them and why. I was so surprised at how open some people were and the same on this blog. It just shows how important music is to our lives and our true emotions, how cathartic it is to us. I know I couldn’t live without art and music. Man, I’m rambling, basically, great blog

  6. Bushwick is Beautiful

    I was reading through thinking these were your experiences. I realized after a few they were not, but they are so powerful whoever went through them. Needless to say I was moved by this post.

  7. Anonymous

    thank you so much. this is just what i needed…to know i’m not alone in the way i feel right now.

  8. mjrc

    everyone is just so full of feelings and on the surface everything seems ok but inside, inside where it counts, people are struggling, and that’s what makes us all fragile and strong at the same time.

  9. jennifer

    Beautiful tracks. music is such a powerful mechanism for connecting to our memory. I was just listening to (of all things) a Prince song, which brought me right back to high school. And I could almost feel a little bit of my younger self listening along with me.

    thank you,