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musicisart truly started because of all the passion and feeling that comes from art. how does one really get it? we enjoyed the sigur ros message board asking a few random strangers to tell us about a special song and their simple private meaning behind why its important.
this is how they responded.

song: words
by low [i could live in hope 1994]

context: at one of their gigs in a small venue, sitting on the floor at the back, leaning with my back against the wall, listening and watching all of the pretty lights float above the top of the crowd in front of me

result: fucking brilliant


song: abilene
by damien jurado [where shall you take me 2003]

context: yesterday..
listening to this song for the first time after it was sent to me

result: falling in love with the girl who sent me the song


song: pacific theme
by broken social scene [you forgot it in people 2002]

context: august 2003, south shore nova scotia, sitting by the atlantic

result: bliss

song: i could drive forever
by smog [knock knock 1999]

context: driving from ohio to florida to live by myself, away from everything i ever loved and everything i ever ruined.

result: complete freedom.


song: let down
by radiohead [ok computer 1999]

context: a lonely night walk at the beach

result: realizing that solitude is the best thing for me.


song: saeglopur
by sigur ros [takk 2005]

context: sitting in my room, hearing it for the first time.

result: there was nothing to describe it. next to love, it was the most incredible feeling in the world.

art:: amazing hdr *nyc* photographs are taken by automatt

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“One glimpse is all it takes to tell you that Music Is Art is something special. You can start by judging this blog by its cover—it’s one of the best-designed, most aesthetically aware music blogs around—but there’s much more to it than just a pretty template. For one, Danielle Maree, the “dreamer/designer” behind MIA, focuses not only on excellent music, but on art, photography and writing and how they all intersect and inform the music. By sharing the sounds and sights that inspire her, she’s inspiring a growing number of readers on a daily basis. By documenting artists’ creative processes, she’s, in the process, creating a pretty substantial, always-evolving work of art herself.” - Nerd Litter

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8 Responses

  1. pdxandrew

    Let Down is one of the greatest songs Radiohead has done, but for me it is best when played right after Exit Music for a Film – Exit Music is so crushingly haunting, followed by such yearning hope….

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t know why you do the things you do or where you find the time to do it but I love you! You have opened my mind, my soul, my heart to so MANY new venues. You are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Saeglopur just made me cry.


  3. placidian

    I tried out all of the songs in this post, except for the Sigur Ros, which I had already. Thanks for the great music, and lovely descriptions.

  4. Huff

    Yep, when I first heard Saeglopur, it was pure musical bliss. That song packs a punch.