song of the day :: cat faces.

u g l y c a s a n o v a // cat faces

my heart stopped pumping
but my blood was still alive.

for years, fans were under the impression ugly casanova was the nickname of an insane, lonely and very sad man named under the pseudonym of edgar graham who followed modest mouse everywhere on tour, made fan inspired music and wrote them hundreds of letters. however one day, when the letters stopped and the band thought he had died, ugly casanova was designed in memory of him.

although today, the illusion behind it seems to be no mystery at all. this was modest mouse’s singer/guitarist isaac brock’s special lil side project and perhaps edgar graham was made up after the eccentricities of issac himself. together with casual friends of the black heart procession and red red meat, they all created some magical music. for awhile the band remained as a factious identity as isaac had wished to share another part of himself where no interviews, no questions and no spotlight would be able to shine on him.

fortunately for us, the rough ugly casanova demos secretly went off to subpop records and their only album sharpen your teeth was released in 2002. perfect with cool-warm breezes on the end of august summer days, its beautiful music. all the harmonious emotions that were reminiscent of modest mouse are completely taken over by melodic intelligent lyrics and swirling electronic acoustics that signal very strange, spellbinding feelings of mixing innocence with ultimate mortality.

cat photo by automatt.

2 Responses

  1. Konrad

    Im late to this party, but I have to give you credit for posting this song….truly one of the best songs (by one of the best bands) ever.

    If you like Ugly Casanova (and by all that is holy, you should) then check out all of the Modest Mouse, Holopaw, and Califone that you can. You wont be sorry that you did.