songs of the week #102


John Poppleton2


happy friday! to start the weekend off right, here are some favorite *songs of the week* that must be heard.

(art by john poppleton)


joey badas$ – teach me (ft keiza) || (2015)

the hip hop stylings of joey badas$ collaborating with electronic dance diva kieza are sure to teach you how to dance.


dan lissvik – shuvit! || (shuvit 2015)

dan lissivik‘s solo production work is fun, quirky and shows an uptempo sound that makes a listener want smile.


maribou state – rituals || (rituals 2015)

british producers maribou state know how to take moments of atmosphere dubstep and merge it beautifully with shades of indie rock and electric guitars.


romare – prison blues || (projections 2015)

ninja tune’s romare reflects his influences of African-American culture and history in his music and blends it into electronic bliss on his debut, projections.