songs of the week #103


(Art: Les Monstres du Placard by Philippe Caza || yr 1970)

The spring is here… the flowers are blooming… and the sunshine after a long harsh winter is feeling better than ever. Below are my favorite tracks of the beginning of a beautiful and refreshingly new season. Enjoy!


Mura Masa :: Lovesick Fuck

Young mastermind producer Mura Masa has provided us with his next EP release, Someday Somewhere. Just like everything he creates, the bass thumps, the groove is imminent and his progression keeps getting more addicting with each listen.


Maribou State :: Raincoats

Maribou State producers Chris Davids and Liam Ivory provide atmospheric and textural electronic music that is beyond elegant.


Tei Shi :: Go Slow

The beautiful sounds of enchantress Tei Shi come back to provide us with breathy electronic elements and dream wave synths.


Hippie Sabotage :: Waiting Too Long

The two Sacramento brothers Hippie Sabotage return with layers of relaxing beats and smoother tones that are gentler than their previous intense remixes. 


OMN :: In Quiet Rooms

London-based producer OMN (Ollie McKendrick-Ness) mixes ambient peacefulness with lovely indie vocals.