Songs of the Week #104



Somepling “ArauKaria”

[Thanks to Passion of the Weiss for this recommendation.] From France, producer Somepling (Olivier Rousseaux) made this soft instrumental full of beats with only an MPC 2000XL and records, and then recorded it straight out of a MPC with no mixing, no mastering.


Co. Fee “Voila”

Co. fee is a beat artist that joined Los Angeles’ Hollow Drum crew in 2007. Through the collective he began to experimenting and listening more deeply with different genres of music and began to get inspiration to take his first love of Hip Hop into another dimension.


Gypsy Mamba “FOH”

California’s Inland Empire based producer Gypsy Mamba is part of the LA Rootnote Collective.  Gypsy Mamba enjoys DJing residencies around his home area and crafting his own hip hop melodies with blends of drum ‘n bass tempos and kicks, and playful synths.



Rivka “Drift”

Pittsburgh duo Reggie Boy and Rivka Rose of Rivka have a unique way of combining sounds of glitch, trillwave, experimental, trip hop, and serving it all into a dream pop experience.


Holy Other “Touch”

Holy Other is an underated and highly skilled producer that resides in Manchester, England. His 2011 With U EP represents his overall ghostly production but gives seductive elements that allure with pitched-down vocals, introverted beats, melancholic sounds that transcend through dark emotion.


Mount Kimbie “Carbonated”

Mount Kimbie is dub step producers Dominic Maker and Kai Campos. Together they decided to experiment with instrumental lounge-like tempos joined with crisp beats and unrecognizable samples.


Evil Needle “Summertime”

From France, Evil Needles maintains a delicate, ambient, downtempo beat infusing layers of Hip Hop with unexpected structural shifts, finely tuned spellbinding breaks, and rhythmical drops in his overall phrasing.


Many of these songs may be found on my *Wavey* mix on Spotify featuring over 90 tracks of future beats, trap, hip hop, and just good music that makes you feel blissfully aware. Please be sure to follow the playlist and expect an ongoing mix of additional songs every week.

(Artwork by Ryan Salge)