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BEAT RADIO by Brian Sendrowitz

Thanks for giving me this space to share my experience. It’s a dangerous proposition–I’ve got so much to say.  I’m like a roman candle.  This digital age is where I belong. I’m really excited to have the chance to share this new record with people.  It wasn’t an easy one for me to make. Some people approach music in a casual way. I enjoy records that don’t take themselves too seriously, but for me it’s not that way. I always feel like I’m fighting for my life.

Beat Radio has always been an evolving thing, with band members coming and going as our lives and music changed.  About a year ago the band sort of imploded and I found myself making music alone for the first time in a while.  My wife Liz and I were also going through lots of changes; finding ourselves with a young growing family and dreams we still needed to pursue.  Some of these songs are sort of like love letters to her. We’ve always supported each other in our creative endeavors, but in the last year we’ve learned how to do it a bit more completely– more fiercely and courageously.  Her favorite song on the record is “Follow You Around”.  It’s about getting lost and finding your way back home.


I hope you enjoy the album.  It was my first time recording and producing on my own.  I kind of learned as I went along.  I’d come down to the basement each night after Liz and our boys went to sleep and do weird tape experiments or download samples of strange old synthesizers and field recordings.  I brought some friends in to help out after i’d gotten the basic tracks together, which helped alot. More than anything, it’s an album about how music can be a form of escape, transcendence, and joy.  It’s about getting lost in the sound.

Safe Inside The Sound is available as a free digital download and limited edition cd at It’s also available to stream/download at bandcamp.

I love how this website connects different art forms and embodies a unique vision and experience.  Here are some things I’m currently enamored with:

Robert Frank’s Photography


I’ve been interested in Robert Frank‘s work for a while now–particularly from the mid 50’s although he did some amazing stuff later on, including the album cover of my favorite Rolling Stones record.  I first discovered him because Jack Kerouac wrote the intro to his most famous collection The Americans. Kerouac’s my favorite writer.  I’m fascinated by the whole time period really, and Frank captured it in such a beautiful and powerful way.  There’s an exhibit on his work going on now at the Met.  I’m hoping i can go check it out soon. You can view more of his pictures here.

Mad Men


Me and Liz, that’s our thing-stay in on Sunday nights, drink some wine and watch Mad Men. I probably would have finished the Beat Radio album sooner but we started getting caught up on season 1 and 2 last spring watching it on demand.  In some ways we relate to Don and Betty I think.  We live out in the suburbs. I take the train to the city every day while she’s home with the kids. I know everyone is already talking about this show, but I’ve never been so into a television show in my life. I talk about it with my friends the way I’d talk about great fiction. It’s brilliant.

Where the Wild Things Are


Another pop culture thing everyone is talking about, but we’ve got a really deep connection it.  My boys have always been really big Maurice Sendak fans.  We also really love “In the Night Kitchen” and “Brundibar.”  They’re strange books, but I’ve sort of got strange kids.  I always found the language in them really striking–it’s dreamy and emotional and also really musical and playful in a quirky sort of way.  It makes me feel like a kid.  My 4 year old son Elijah and I are particularly excited about the movie.  We’ve got this routine where we read the book before bedtime and then we watch the movie trailer on my blackberry.  He knows every word to that Arcade Fire song.  You should hear him sing it, it’s beautiful.

The Diggs


I’ll leave out talking about music this time around because I feel like all I ever do is ramble on and on about music.  I will mention my friends The Diggs though, because they’re probably my favorite band.

Here’s an amazing song from their first record:

The Diggs – Faith in Strangers (mp3)

Also, I have a blog and twitter account where I talk about music alot.  I did a blog post last spring on my top ten favorite records of all time here, if you’d like to subject yourself to a whole lot more of my rambling.

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