stay, don’t close your eyes…


Rhye is classically trained musicians Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal. Together the two gentlemen met in Denmark while working with the Copenhagen-based group Quadron. After spending a small amount of time together, they became mutually appreciative of each others music. When the sounds of Rhye initially was discovered within the depths of the internet, the male duo remained a mystery, and some mistook the soft androgenous vocals of Mike Milosh as a woman similar in the tones of Sade. Their beautiful songs quickly garnered attention while videos were created to erotically display the sensuality of the music. Rhye’s debut album “Woman” was released in March 2013, and truly signifies the femininity and romantic notion of love in every hypnotic degree.

Listen: Rhye – Open (Woman, 2013)

Bonus: Enjoy these beautiful remixes of Rhye created by Sohn, and Ryan Hemsworth.