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back to the east coast, back to the feelings of four seasons, back to the fall, back to the leaves changing colors, and back to the time of year when all the albums that sound so good especially as the weather changes come into our lives again. the months of september, october, and november are some of my favorite months as when they arrive, a special frame of mind comes into play. perhaps it’s being able to keep the windows open to let all that stale summer air move through, or the scent and taste of pumpkin and gingerbread spice lattes, and the excitement of the haunting halloween and warmth of thanksgiving holidays coming, but whatever it is and wherever i am, it reminds me of home.

everything pj harvey does musically works especially during this time of year however her fifth studio album released in 2000, stories from the city, stories from the sea is beyond fitting for the beginning of autumn. in order to fully appreciate, the album must be started from the beginning, and listened until the end. some highlights include the opening track big exit which tantalizes your mind as pj harvey screams “this worlds crazy, give me the gun“, then as we skip to the magic of connection inside the lyrics of one lineand i draw a line to your heart today to your heart from mine / one line to keep us safe“, back to the despair of human suffering in the whores hustle and the hustlers whorespeak to me of heroin and speed / just give me something i can believe“, and cradling down to the soft cries of the ending track we float as she gently sings “one day we’ll float / take life as it comes“. as you’re inside pj harvey’s music, the songs always unfold to provide a true life soundtrack to the storyboard and memories of a head-spinning brooklyn summer of excitement, love, and disappointment. this is pj harvey’s music on another level, taking the raw edge of her precessing albums and mixing it with toned, mature beauty.

so go enjoy now, open up your window, curl up under a blanket, have a harvest cup of coffee or tea, gently relax, imagine yourself on a rooftop overlooking the city lights of new york city, and listen to pj harvey’s stories from the city, stories from the sea. report back, and let me know if your thoughts resonate with mine…

mp3: pj harvey ~ a place called home

artwork by annita maslov

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