Sunday Best (Week 3)

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Electric President are a group that I’m really proud to have found some months back. I really enjoy the fact that I’m like the only person that I know that listens to them all of the time.. I’ve heard people say here and there that they’ve checked them out, but their debut cd, I just cannot escape. It’s so good. It’s got such a good vibe. It’s a “makes me happy” cd. So, check out Electric President, and hopefully, you’ll be hooked like I am.

Grand Machine No. 14

This damn machine, this damn machinethis broken head doesn’t work
So they’re selling it off again
These crooked legs, these twisted armsthese tired feet lost their worth
Soon they’ll dismantle them

But we’re all just part of some giant grand machine.
Too big to really understand.
But we’ll do our jobs till we break down and fall.

Now we just sleepwalk. We drift through the week.
A dead procession always dragging its feet. Well, come on.
Our hands are swollen. We all need to sleep.
But there’s no time, just stitch us up so we’ll keep.

We’re all just part of someone’s elaborate plan.
Chess pieces in some grandiose scheme.
But we’ll do our jobs till we break down and fall

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The Tosca Tango Orchestra probably have the most unique sound in the world. It’s very accordion heavy, and all instrumental. It is some of the best cloud-watching music that I’ve ever heard. I love just getting in my car and putting the Waking Life soundtrack into my cd player and just ride and watch the sky. I’m a big fan of this group of ridiculously talented musicans. Everyone should hear them. This song is the first track from the Waking Life sound track. Enjoy!

Ballade 4 Part 1

2 Responses

  1. Reluctant Kerry

    Have to agree with you: electric president does, indeed, kick hiney.

  2. s

    there’s pretty much nothing i didn’t go crazy over in Waking Life – the soundtrack, especially. thanks for the Tosca Tango Orchestra track!