sunday jazz brunch.

here’s three calming artists to listen to on a quiet weekend afternoon.

what exactly is a cinematic orchestra?a 6 piece collaboration fueled to share in the elegance and passion of film-noir, improvisational jazz/funk fusion, downbeat, ambient electronica all created into an orchestral, atmospheric soundtrack.

while there will never be another davis or coltrane, its nice to take a liking onto a different modern form of dark jazz that at times feels reminiscent. cinematic orchestra is left truly to impress when listened to on rainy sunday afternoons, late nights with dim lighting and absolutely no distractions at all. in parts the music feels prominent, complex and expressive and in others, reflective and simple enough to not take over any hidden obscurities. the composers all seem to be gifted with an understanding of inspired arrangements and an intimate depth that proves theres no one else better to undertake such a position.

over the last five years, this music has remained as such a special instrumental secret… a place where i feel like ive always been allowed to escape. when this is introduced to friends, they seem to simply have no other immediate reaction.. than to just close their eyes, fall into a trance and dream. hope you may feel the same~

burn out [every day 2002]

bluebirds [motion 1999]

channel 1 suite [motion 1999]

the noticeable ingredient on simon green’s project bonobo
is found within the slow motion of rich textured back-looped voices, keyboard vulnerability and simple collisions of blending chimes that infuse vibrancy into a genre that too often borders boredom and repetition. ever since releasing early material from his hometown of brighton, bonobo caught the ear of critics and fans alike, which prompted a collaboration with mr scruff and signing to ninja tunes. if you dig slow, lush, genre bending lounge music, yr definitely in for a treat.pick up [dial m for murder 2003]

gypsy [animal magic 2002]

blue & brown [p love’s all up in your mind 2005]

marcus fureder, the name behind austria’s project parov stelar,
is a master of the sampling art form and has been creating amazing sounds for the past few years. fueled by the inspiration of cinematic orchestra and portishead, to go from simple to sublime in one step is his biggest contradiction and he handles it very well. marcus takes all his memories full of broken emotions running high on smoky, jazzy, lush downtempo waves and watches them float inside intelligent colorful structures without ever sounding monotonous.

[these tracks are currently unreleased, provided by etagenoir.]

magic afternoon

phong temp



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