.sunday mornings.

“i write and sing about whatever i am able to understand and feel. i feel that it is healthier to look out at the world through a window than through a mirror. otherwise, all you see is yrself and whatever is behind you.”

in 1967, bill arrived in LA to try and get his music career started. after working so hard at his day job and recording his own demos at night, no labels seemed to show any interest in signing him. until four years later, sussex records offered him a deal and bill went on to create 9 albums including the masterpiece rariety, justments, where he let go and gave his pure sensual soul.

theres a simplicity to bill wither’s voice thats instantly comfortable and at home. only a few very rare and far inbetween have this ability. its as if yr enjoying a beautiful day. relax, smile, listen and somehow.. you’ll believe without thinking that its all going to be okay.


the same love that made me laugh, made me cry

bill withers * ain’t no sunshine
eva cassidy * ain’t no sunshine

bill withers * use me
fiona apple * use me [live]

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  1. emohippie

    I absolutely love “Use Me” – it was my jam song a couple years ago in the dorms. I’d blast it while cleaning.