robyn, kleerup & lykke li.

be mine (ballad version) [single, 2008]
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from stockholm sweden, robyn may be remembered from way back in the early nineties with her singles show me love and do you know what it takes. over the past few years, she shared backing up vocals for the knife, snoop dogg and even britney spears. after creating her own label konichiwa records, robyn recently took over the uk billboard charts with her own number one collaboration called with every heartbeat. crafted into an electronic broken-hearted sensation, the song was comfortably composed with producer kleerup in a home basement where robyn simply provided the perfect melody. currently on tour, its obvious that she concentrates on sharing an up-close and personal reflection of herself both lyrically and sensually.

until we bleed (ft lykke li) [kleerup, 2008]
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kleerup, the main man behind the top music coming out of sweden, will be soon sharing his forthcoming own self-titled debut album featuring both robyn, lykke li and a collaboration of his own favorites. producing elements full of synchronized beats to changes of elegant soft strings, kleerup compliments the vocalists he conditions.

dance dance dance [youth novels, 2008]
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growing up moving around the worlds of portugal, nepal and india, settling into stockholm with her artistic parents and becoming a good friend to robyn, lykke li learned how to present her taste of life to her very own personal musical style. earthy in an abstract sense, her anticipated debut youth novels, produced by björn yttling of peter, björn & john, confides on the sunlit bridge of a tropical island with waves of feet shuffling, confidently quietly singing to the quality of golden horns mixed within pure electronic undertones.

3 Responses

  1. musicisart

    awww thankyou kate for the comment. that version of *be mine* goes hand in hand with robyn’s acoustic version of *with every heartbeat*. nothing like hearing it stripped down 🙂

  2. Kate.

    Owh. Thank you so much for the ballad version of “never be mine”.
    Those girls are just marvellous !