Temporary View


Whenever electronic producer SBTRKT collaborates with smooth vocalist Sampha, it feels like the perfect match. Their latest single together is called Temporary View and is a pure taste of what is to be expected from SBTRKT’s forthcoming sophomore LP.

I see those multicolored tears
bleeding from your eyes
I see the rainbow
and the darkness at the same time

Temporary View is a proper vocal edit of the track Resolute from SBTRKT’s instrumental Transitions EP.

Hear the original below:

SBTRKT created this hidden gem called Atomic Peace back in 2009 but never released it due to the sampling of Mum‘s Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio. It’s perfect.


[Burned Photography by Lucas Simões :: Adios]

“To burn pictures is a way of physically erasing a memory by burning it
and so with time, the image that is burnt will disappear from your memory.”


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