Ten Walls :: Mario Basanov


Electronic music artist Ten Walls is the creative alter ego of Lithuanian producer Marijus Adomaitis aka Mario Basanov. His dark side project began in 2013 with two small EPS, Requiem, and Gotham, which took over after hours parties in Europe and garnered appreciation from all sides of the house music persuasion. By pushing genre boundaries, Ten Walls combines melodic instrumentation with cascading bass-lines that carefully maintain a seductive edge perfect for a dance floor. His latest EP Walking With Elephants provides his versatility as a breakthrough artist that can be enjoyed from any spectrum. Musical experimentation in it’s finest within only a handful of songs, Ten Walls proves himself to be someone to follow.


Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants
(Walking With Elephants EP 2014)


Ten Walls – Requiem
(Requiem EP 2013)


Ten Walls – Gotham
(Gotham EP 2013)