the absurd and the divine.

in love with the sad purple spring under winter vision
bare bitter skin
fast true blood
two time
honey water shine
delirious .. lightly said
like pink rain in yr love dream

the tiny void


pj harvey :: the slow drug

massive attack :: mezzanine

a perfect circle :: 3 libras [all main courses remix]

wax poetic feat norah jones :: angels

everything but the girl feat beth orton :: stars all seem to weep

beck :: broken drum [boards of canada remix]

john lennon & yoko :: every man has a woman who loves him

my bloody valentine :: soon

cat power :: love & communication

neutral milk hotel :: oh comely

low skies :: it is true

antony & the johnsons :: soft black stars

mark ryden‘s paintings immediately take me over. its all in the way each line of his intense drawings so carefully brings abstract emotion, haunted fragility and gentle feeling to life.