The Antlers :: Familiars


Sometimes the greatest moments of listening to music in the car revolve around songs that you haven’t experienced yet. The other day while listening to blog radio over at SiriusXM, Brooklyn’s The Antlers’ single “Hotel” from their new fifth album Familiars was played. While driving through backroads of emerald green trees, the darkened accompaniment of theatrical vocals, lush pianos, melancholic jazz trumpets and trombones emotionally created a delusion of grandeur. After one listen it became apparent that The Antlers’ latest album emits a dreamlike atmosphere only suitable for patient listeners who have a taste of authentic musical quality. Singer-guitarist Peter Silberman, multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci, and drummer Michael Lerner self produced Familiars under their own tone and vision, maintaining a Indie Rock detail that so eloquently places them on a pedestal for all the world to see.


In the hotel, I can’t remember how the past felt
I rent a blank room to stop living in my past self
Fuck now, I’m outta here tomorrow
And when I check out, it won’t matter how my name’s spelled
‘cause when you pass through, you only keep what you can’t sell



[German photographer Martin Klimas created his exploding flower photographs by soaking the flowers in liquid nitrogen to ensure the petals were brittle as eggshells and then blasted them from behind with an air gun resulting in dazzling bursts of color.]