the blue god

london’s martina topley-bird is what first started me listening to tricky’s maxinquaye. tricky’s female counterpart made the raw background of his spoken vocals become personal and bittersweet, sharing a simplicity that another woman could give a sense of herself as confident yet vulnerable all at the same time. this true feeling of emotion that filtered through and stemmed from deep inside, turned martina’s soft, sensual vocals into pure gold. scheduled for release in may 2008, her second solo album is entitled the blue god and was produced by long-time friend dangermouse.

l i s t e n

valentine [the blue god, 2008]
poison (van she remix)
overcome by tricky [maxinquaye, 1995]

4 Responses

  1. Mertz

    Overcome is so wonderful, even on the 100th listen. It has been a favorite of mine for a long a while, but I didn’t know Martina had new stuff coming out. Thanks for increasing the knowledge! 🙂