the chainsmokers :: don’t let me down featuring daya


The other night I caught The Chainsmokers great live performance with female vocalist Daya on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Then like magic the next day, I received an email from Alex and Drew, the duo behind the Chainsmokers, personally telling me to listen to their new single “Don’t Let Me Down” again. They explained a story behind the song that told of how this track was entirely finished and then their computer crashed and they lost everything they recorded! (Reminder from the band: If you havent done that in a while, stop what you’re doing and go do it!) The Chainsmokers had to rebuild this song from scratch and the intensity behind every effort that went into the new production made their song better than it was before and greater than they ever expected!

It’s powerful.

The Chainsmokers :: Don’t Let Me Down ft Daya

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