no one does it like you.

last year while everyone was stirring themselves
into a grizzly bear spell, i discovered daniel rossen’s side project
department of eagles
and fell in love. 

in this brooklyn duo, daniel collaborates with his friend fred nicolaus, taking care of the actual writing, string instruments and ideas. together they have released a few special rariities but whats in the works for their upcoming album is destined to not disappoint, and may deserve to be considered one of this year’s best.

after one single listen, something really strikes as unconditional, keeping a listener holding on to the dreamy transcendence of the music’s classic feeling and those sweet, sweet, catchy harmonies.  my own personal definition of comfort music, simple songs that can keep repeating over and over in your mind, peacefully.

you dont need to be so

no one does it like you

artwork by saffronella

3 Responses

  1. My Best Enemy

    As I was listening I was struck by how great it wold be to hear Jolie Holland warble either in a duet or a backing run. Thank you for this and cheers to saffronella for the art–I watched The Shining the other night and echoes of the good times turn bad underlay this song and image. Best, MBE.

  2. kat

    always amazed by the way you create your beautiful posts, your writing and taste is marvelous!

  3. Ryan J

    Dept of eagles. Beautiful stuff. Seems like a more coherent Grizzly Bear. I’ve only heard a couple tracks of it, but it is wonderful…