the devil & god are raging inside me

for the past year, brand new has been something special to listen to. it was an easy introduction, being immediately seduced by jesse lacey’s screaming that maintained a familiar rawness of emotion. a present from a good friend, their third album the devil and god are raging inside of me has been taking over inside of my headphones since christmas eve. from the progression of the way their albums have followed leans almost on another wavelength. maybe its the calm tempos that connect to the melodramatic vocals or they way everything will begin to feel so empty and fragile, then an odd rush of surprise comes on and something beautiful happens. different visualizations compliment and it feels important to understand some of the hidden details that this long island band are personally undertaking. the music comes to life in an honest way that only a true listener will appreciate…

it makes your heart feel something ~*~
jesus [im not scared to die but im a lil bit scared of what comes after]

on the album the devil and god are raging inside of me, there’s a silent background story surrounding a song called limousine.

in the summer of 2005, there was a terrible car accident along long island. traveling on their way home from an elegant wedding, a flower girl and her family relaxed inside a limousine. speeding down the wrong side of the road, a heavily intoxicated 25 year old man crashed his pick up truck head-on into their limousine, immediately killing the limo driver, stan rabinowitz and 7 year old flower girl, katie flynn. as the mother brought herself into the wreckage, her decapitated daughter’s head laid in front of her. the impact was so horrible that absolutely nothing remained left of the front of limo and each surviving family member suffered serious complications.

this story became very important inside of new york and around the tri-state area. not until just a few weeks ago did a verdict get reached convicting that young man, martin heidgen, with two counts of second degree murder. easily triggering many human hearts everywhere, the sad news gave a vivid and cold impression of what drinking and driving can cause. revamped strictly enforced laws and ideas revolving around DWIs increased, making any drinking violations that seemed absolutely minor, a major big deal. truly an unforgettable tragedy that happened to both sides; a devastation of an accidental double murder and the idea to keep on surviving within the loss and memories of it all.

images. brand new, katie flynn

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  1. alex

    You forgot to mention the most important part about the story. The mother hugged her child’s head until the emergency workers took it from her.

  2. steph

    Just listened to ‘Jesus’. Sounds beautiful.

    I believe the link has expired.
    Care to repost for download again?

    OR perhaps send the song directly to my email?

    Well keep the good tunes coming buddy..

  3. Myr

    I was so surprised when I first got this album…it was quiet different from the other BN material I’d heard. I’ve always enjoyed them, but it’s nice to watch a band grow up, musically.

    I had absolutely no idea about that backstory to Limousine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous

    Brand new has made the best cd of the year, and the best cd i have heard since Thursday full collapse, Limousine is a meaningful song.

  5. music is art

    thankyou so much for all the kind comments… brand new truly is a band on the rise that deserves all the respect and admiration given.. its really one of the greatest albums ive heard in a long time. glad so many of you love it too

  6. guyha

    great brand new Brand New song!
    my little brother played “Mixtape” for me and i liked them right then. i can’t wait for the new album!

  7. Anonymous

    im so glad you feel the music as much as i do. im glad that you enjoy it..peace out nucca

  8. princess recluse

    Brand New made one of the best albums of the year, although many overlooked it in favour of hype bands.

    Thank you for this post

  9. Anonymous

    Amazing post. Knowing the back story of Limousine only makes it that much more remarkable. Thank you for this.

  10. Anonymous

    great album! I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this album, since I hadn’t really heard much about this (compared to their previous effort). It’s cool to know the story to Limousine, too, very saddening.

  11. Anonymous

    Yet another wonderful band and post. Your blog is the only music blog I have (or make) time for, and I’ve never been at a loss for new paths of musical exploration since I discovered it. Thanks for everything, and please keep it up!

    (These Brand New songs often seem so reminiscent of Kurt Cobain in a song like Lithium, with the on/off switch so powerfully manipulated… I love it…)