the end of summer…

.i’ll always remember.

waking up at sunrise, going outside to the shore and relaxing to the breeze of the calm waves. listening to my headphones alone to these sounds and feeling that moment as more than perfect.

seashell by seabear [ghost that carried us away, 2007]

summer skin by death cab for cutie [plans, 2005]

middle distance runner by sea wolf [leaves in the river, 2007]

angels by black mountain [in the future, 2008]

the mutineer by the loose salute [tuned to love, 2007]


photography by czuczy

7 Responses

  1. maddie

    i wanted to add that, i love seabear and that these songs really sum up a lot.
    summer skin..really good playlist here

  2. maddie

    i wish i could actually put that to real life, ‘new beginning’
    eh i could, but i seem to never think of it when it’s best to.
    i should. starting…NOW!
    thanks :}