the lil things we forget.

in the midst of constantly searching for something worthwhile to listen to, it was very easy to stumble onto the official site of morr music and randomly select a choosing. so it seems, that with anything listened to from that label, instantaneously without a second doubt, i love what im listening to. how amazing to find a place where you can go and for the music to always be good.

characterized by the colorful cover of their most recent release, plans drawn in pencil, isan takes me to my own private version of never never land. its been four months a secret and the complete love for every song they have created has seeped into my subconscious with pure unspoken subtlety.

its all those lil sounds again.

by connecting via the internet and working separately in the UK, isan’s antony ryan and robin saville have been releasing heartfelt electronic dreams for the last 10 years. collaborating and remixing with friends like psapp, the notwist and mum, the duo’s result always seems to end in nothing less than magical.

from plans drawn in pencil 2006

~*~ highly recommended remixes

solvent :: for you [isan remix]
the notwist :: scoop [isan remix]
psapp :: about fun [isan pet visor mix]
flotel :: bowd [isan ‘timber falls motel’ mix]
see feel :: when face was face [isan remix]
ezekiel honig :: more human than human [isan remix]
mum :: please sing my spring reverb [isan catena mix]
piano magic :: the canadian brought us snow [isan remix]

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