the mia mixtape club v2


Recently, Music Is Art created a mixtape to send in response to those who contributed to the MIA Mixtape Club.  It was so great receiving your wonderful mixes in the actual mail and learning what music others are enjoying!  For V2 of the MMC, your mixtapes may be sent in digitally.  It’s required that you please create a compressed file (.zip or .rar) of your mix and upload it to a file sharing service like Mediafire.  Please be sure to email the link along with a mix title, your name and location to

MIA wants to start trading mix cd’s with the community. Simply, if you would like to send one, you’ll receive one in return. Sound good? ♥


LISTEN :: Kanye West – Get Em High
(Ratatat Remixes Mixtape Volume I, 2004)

IMAGES :: Suzy

2 Responses

  1. ashabanapal

    i’m loving the mixtape exchange idea. i’ll see what i can whip up. also, is it just me or is kanye west always the worst part of a kanye track?