the mia remixtape.

Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix) :: Thom Yorke
[The Eraser Remixes, 2007]

Inside A Boy (Son Lux Remix) :: My Brightest Diamond
[Inside A Boy Digital Single, 2008]

Broken Drum (Boards of Canada Remix) :: Beck
[Guero, 2005]

Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix) :: Sia
[Breathe Me Single, 2004]

We Own the Sky (Maps Remix) :: M83
[Thanks to Mark!, M83/Maps 7″ Split, 2008]

Erase/Rewind (Kleerup Remix) :: The Cardigans
[The Cardigans Best of, 2008]

Everyone’s Starting Over (CWL Remix) :: The Diggs
[Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix, 2006]

Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix) :: Stars
[Do You Trust Your Friends? 2007]

Alienation (Atlas Remix) :: Lali Puna
[Micronomic Ep, 2004]

3 Libras (All Main Courses Remix) :: A Perfect Circle
[Massive Attack Remix, Amotion, 2004]

12 Responses

  1. ads

    this really is a great mix. i’ve pulled it up many times for a listen since first posted

  2. maddie

    lali puna! hehe i love that name. i heard her mm..a few months ago or longer. i like cardigans

  3. musicisart

    jim, thanks so much for commenting! beck’s boc remix is so beautiful and has always been a favorite of mine too. the apc remix is created by massive attack.. love that groove of percussion, bass and of course, maynard’s vocals.

  4. Jim

    Quite excellent!
    That BOC remix of Beck has always been my favourite… I like it a lot more than the majority of Beck’s post-Sea Change songs.
    And is the A Perfect Circle remix by Massive Attack? I have seen it labeled that way. It is very chilled out, whoever did it.