old days of feeling…

philadelphia native mirah cant help but share a sweet sincerity in her vocal tones that then surprises and pushes the boundaries of being assertive within respect of staying far away from being too pretty.

along with the help of longtime friend calvin johnson and collaborator phil elvrum of the microphones, dictated in mirah’s 2008 k records release the old days of feeling, unreleased, odd and obscure material from her past is presented that brilliantly connects to the very present. shared inside a well known use for hard crashes of loud instruments, her unadulterated resonating sounds intimately blend in and translate into a pure and emotional impact.

the sun [old days of feeling, 2008]
the garden [advisory committee, 2002]

6 Responses

  1. sara

    i love the garden..do you know any songs that are similar to this or in this style..im trying to pick a song for a dance solo and i want some options

  2. kurdiz

    wow. the sun was beautiful…nothing else i can say can possibly do it justice. thanks for sharing great music with us, again.

  3. maddie

    haha i like this website. i comment a lot, but only on what i like and what satisfies me