The Sleeping Tree’s Falling Leaves

The last time I wondered “is what I’m doing here actually makes any difference?” was while I was first trying a new brand of mouthwash (and no, I don’t think it made much difference). But on occasion that question is being asked in somewhat grander circumstances, about our place in the universe, our relations with each other and a host of other topics, great and small. Whether life is filled with eddies and waves to be embraced or evaded, sometimes it may feel right to just go with the flow and bend a little before the storm.

In a rather autumn-filled atmosphere, Trieste, Italy’s Giulio Frausin, working under the moniker of the Sleeping Tree, contemplates such thoughts. Gently, in a stripped down folk singer-songwriter style classic, with a hint of a lovely Italian accent, still imbued with the innocence of youth, he makes you want to fly on the wind with the other falling leaves, towards the unknown.

The Sleeping Tree

Check out The Sleeping Tree on MySpace and for more tracks. His debut album, Leaves and Roots, is available here.


Jah Will is My Destiny (from Leaves and Roots)

Love is an Eternal Lie (from Leaves and Roots)

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