the soul of jacques greene

Montreal’s Jacques Greene is both a producer and artist that enjoys working samplers and sequencers to create oceans of electronic, and R&B. Young and brilliant at the young age of 21 years old, he is musically inspired from everything from Chicago House to Deep Techno. Last year, he contributed to Radiohead’s TKOL Remix album with his adaption of “Lotus Flower”, and created one of the best songs of 2011 “Another Girl” with his breathy sighs and organ chords. Jacques Greene’s latest EP Concealer was released on his own label Vase back in January, showcasing four tracks of talent and the hope is we’ll be graced with a full debut next year. Currently on tour supporting The xx, Jacques Greene soft side provides grooves for those who prefer to chill, and subtle rhythmic funk movements of BPMs to keep any fast paced listener happy.


Mp3: Jacques Greene: Another Girl (2011)

Beautiful Pencil Drawings by Marco Mazzoni