the stars sing :: ive got their song in my head

the first time i heard the long winters was sitting in the passenger seat of my friend jim’s car staring out the window along the king’s county highway going back to downtown seattle. it was one of the most beautiful days i had ever seen. the sky was that perfect shade of pastel blue, quiet simple changes of white clouds played hide and go seek beneath the sun while pacific northwest emerald green trees and soft glimmers of faceless shadows in reflections of rear view mirrors followed. we were smiling, listening to KEXP loud and as always, the music just kept on making the moments even better. following the sounds of radiohead, modest mouse, eels… the long winters came on with the track give me a moment. everything quietly stopped movie-like with simple connections to the way sounds repeated motion. the music kept falling in line right in time synchronizing itself to every single little detail as if it were tracing the city skyline.

ive been away, ive been away

and ive been out of my head


the long winters bring to mind simple beautiful bittersweet memories to the feeling of seasons changing, the way old notebooks read full of fragile poetry, soft acoustic guitars create comfort sounds and those times when you cant help but feel anything except the colorful patterns repeating in yr mind taking over. sometimes its too much and sometimes it just makes sense.


i wish
we were naked
and i wish
that i could
take it
when you turn on me.~*~ listen to: ultimatum

the long winters release their next album with the single pushover on july 25th.

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