the sun doesn’t move me

she walked in with sadness in her eyes
i could tell she’d been sleeping with the stars

on 10.10.06, seattle’s damien jurardo released his 7th album *and now that im in your shadow*. with members eric fisher and jenna conrad, new sound elements of a band are brought in but the familiar simplicity forever loved is never lost.

i still remember the first time i heard damien. a few years ago it happened over the cosmic connection of music listening and dreaming with a new friend, closing our eyes gently on his sofa in the outer borough of queens in complete sweet silence. magic. that feeling when you challenge the chills that run up and down yr spine and all you can do is feel the warmth because you understand it somehow. maybe its in damien’s voice, all that underlining dark story-telling or the way an acoustic guitar can sound so kindly intimate but i felt him. until this day, his music still brings me back to that first time, this innocent feeling rushes through me and i cant help but smile.

listen ~*~ what were the chances

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  1. Anonymous

    What Were The Chances is the most gorgeous song! I’ve been meaning to pick up Jurado’s album; thanks for the heads up.