the veils :: black sessions

am i living wrong
do you see a long road with no one on it
and the right of men that you learnt only to forget
you see my sad wife and my high margin of profit
but you don’t care at all
you don’t care
at all

theres something about these live french radio sessions that seem to resonate such a surreal quality. patterns of sounds sharing a vulnerability that can’t always be found in an open scattered arena; hearing this type of emotion and intimacy should be a state of mind set for every moment of any performance.

the veils
black session // 10.30.06

a birthday present
jesus for the jugular ***
one night on earth
state trooper (springsteen cover)
nux vomica ***
advice for young mothers to be
under the folding branches
the wild son
pan ***
not yet
more heat than light

***highly recommended

artwork by izabella pierce

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10 Responses

  1. Geovanni

    where can I download these? I have spent forever searching for a suitable live recording.. thank you!!

  2. romy

    Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I’m enjoying it muchly. Came too late for this gem, however. Is there any chance you could re-upload the session? It would be highly appreciated.

  3. ashley jackson-pierce

    i love the veils so much … i can’t believe i didn’t know about this black session! you are always giving me wonderful gifts, danielle. love love love.

  4. sebalaura

    I haven’t listened to the songs yet, I just wanted to comment on the lovely art. Very nice, it has feeling!

  5. musicisart

    awww yr very welcome matthew. finn’s voice truly is something else, the veils have been one of my favorite lil bands over these past few years and my appreciation seems to keep on growing 🙂 glad you love them too!

  6. Matthew

    Thanks Danielle. I love the Veils. They are superb live, and Nux Vomica was my favourite album of 2006. Such a superb band, and his voice is something else.

  7. bitterswing

    me gusta mucho la web y los artistas que nos das a conocer. Te invito a que visites mi modesto blog. Nos vemos. Un abrazo.