the verve :: black sessions

since their breakup in 1999, the verve reunited last fall to perform the thaw sessions on displayed as fourteen minutes of sheer unrehearsed brilliance, the band’s jam created the essence of wandering back in time to their hypnotic past and easily getting lost in their sound. recently, the verve performed at coachella, highlighting with memories of bittersweet symphony and tempting the audience with a few new unreleased songs to enjoy.

recorded in 1997, the verve performed live for the black sessions in paris, france, presenting a powerful collection of eight songs shared inbetween the albums urban hymns and a northern soul.

01. a northern soul
02. this is music
03. the drugs don’t work
04. life’s an ocean
05. bittersweet symphony
06. lucky man
07. history
08. come on

::download the zip::

artwork by cheri nelson

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  1. Justin

    Wow, this is great! I hadn’t heard of this recording before! Thank you very much for posting!