the winter skeleton trees

in order to search for music, i always have to wear a pair of headphones. im not quite sure what it is about the exact feeling towards variables of soundwaves traveling through tiny speakers to my ears, through my head and if its lucky, to my heart but when it works, its almost like partaking on a brand new beginning, a realization that music will always need to have this important aspect and still wont ever lose its spark.

hailing from australia, clogs are a quartet compromised from a neo classical background that share parts of acoustic-electronica and turn it into something divine. beginning from smooth levels of guitar, viola, bassoon, and percussion, they take smaller toys of instruments and integrate them into their sound as if the missing pieces found are apart of a patterned puzzle that has been waiting there all along. these certain different dimensions collide as curious repetition and experimentation takes the listener on their own private journey, full with calming daydreams of rich soundscapes detailing golden fields, turquoise blue oceans and magical, oriental foreign lands, the clogs are sure to make you feel safe anywhere even when yr far from home.

l i s t e n

[lantern 2006]

pencil stick
[stick music 2005]

who’s down now
[lullaby for sue 2003]

im very sad
[thoms night out 2001]

art by colin johnson

3 Responses

  1. The Anti-Fashionista

    I know what you mean about new discoveries/headphones. Thanks for the Clogs tracks too. 🙂

  2. Michael Huff

    i love your blog. i’ve read for a long time, and it is definitely among my favorites.

    thank you