the wishes and the glitch

say hi (to your mom) is the main project of mastermind eric elbogen. with over five albums created, say hi’s music has developed into its own stunning collection of warm electronics pulsating within a lyrical storybook of meaningful emotion. after leaving brooklyn and moving off to seattle, the band name lost its original last three words in order to follow along with the aesthetic and new found maturity towards the music’s progression. found deep inside the addicting 2008 release the wishes and the glitch, through the phrasing of soft words to lo-fi melodies from disheartening memories, say hi genuinely speaks to a lost but hopeful generation.

And I haven’t asked for much since I met her, some courage and maybe some heart. But Jupiter, please, will you raise your fists and mend all that keeps us apart? There’s the thing with her father, the thing with me broken, her new jealous ex and the press. And each of them not much worse than the other, but still pretty bad nonetheless.

Because there are spiders, under my skin when she’s not next to me.
And there are spiders, breeding armies.

Happily tethered to their funny spouses with drooling babies on the way, with bright colored sweaters that grow in the dark. Can’t you make us be more like them? There’s the thing with her girlfriends, the whole feeling nothing, the geography of it all. And each of them not much worse than the other, but still pretty bad all in all.

spiders [the wishes and the glitch, 2008]

artwork by will murai

6 Responses

  1. alexB

    I’ve had a song my old band used to play Little Wing by Hendrix in my head all week, cause i can’t listen to music at work, I agree with your soundtrack to life theorey.

  2. maddie

    i really like say hi(to your mom). Theyre newest album is quite different and better than their other two which are still very good. :^0

  3. musicisart

    i agree, say hi is amazing.

    for the past few months, ive listened to “spiders” non-stop, something about the way eric’s voice falls inside the harmony.. and those last 30 seconds when all those different sounds come in through the waves and crash.