there’s just a few things coming my way this time around

fire & rain is one of my favorite songs. my years of growing up, always revolved around my parents love of music. there use to be no summer without going to see james taylor live. sitting on fresh velvet green grass, feeling warm cool breezes, smiling faces, sweet good music.. peacefulness.. i miss those memories.

james taylor

for most of his life, james taylor grew up feeling pains of sadness that cathartically developed into his famous lyrics. in 1968, after recording for the beatle’s apple label and returning from london, james spent some time in a massachusetts mental instituition for depression and substance abuse. there he met a girl named susanne who he really loved and shared so many interests with creating a special friendship. a few months later, james left the hospital to go back to recording and his friends found out susanne had committed suicide. they didn’t want to tell him, afraid he would relapse and escape to drastic measures to get away from the reality so they waited until he finished his album to break the news. at the age of 22, inside a battle with drug addiction and new loss of a friend, james taylor wrote the song *fire and rain* which was released in 1970 on his second album sweet baby james and went on to bring him wide-spread attention everywhere.

just yesterday morning…
they let me know you were gone
susanne, the plans they made
put an end to you

i walked out this morning
and i wrote down this song
i just can’t remember who to send it to

ive seen fire and ive seen rain
ive seen sunny days that i thought would never end
ive seen lonely times when i could not find a friend
but i always thought that i’d see you again

go to scatter o’ light to enjoy some james taylor live.

2 Responses

  1. Charlie

    I love that song. I never knew the story behind it, though, and it’s so heartbreaking. I think the song means so much more now. I mean I’ve always loved, loved, loved the lyrics, but it’s hard to imagine how james taylor felt when he sat down to write that song. Holy hell.

  2. Jeff

    thank you. i grew up with my mother playing james taylor and carol king. his music fills me with a warmth that i don’t really know how to describe to anyone else. james’ voice just sounds like home.