This is evolution. This is revolution.

Push play. Turn the stereo up.
Close yr eyes. Relax.
Bowery Electric will bring you into yr own world where anything is possible.

The duo, consisting of Martha Schwendener (vocals, keyboards, bass) and Lawrence Chandler (vocals, guitar, programming, keyboards), formed in 1994 but didn’t recieve much limelight until their 2000 release of Lushlife.
“Lushlife teems with atomized sounds, each one opening a portal in the mix, importing a haze of space and history, evoking the distant buzz of the city beyond the studio…Yet, with all the experiment and variation, Lushlife is actually quite a deliberate and enticing affair for the ear and mind. “ – From

Floating World

Lush Life

If you can, put on a decent pair of headphones and listen to Lushlife in it’s entirety. You won’t be disappointed.