Thoughts for Tonight: Geddes

About five years, in a rather misguided part of my teenage years I listened exclusively to British indie guitar music; The Libertines and any of their inferior denotations had prime place in any playlist, come rain or shine, that I would want to listen to.

I remember a conversation with one my best friends’ older brother’s friend (gosh thats a hard lineage to punctuate), who, when I was sixteen, warned me that in a few years time I’d be able to skip through each music channel and find something I liked. No mate, MTV2, VH1 and NME is all I need.

I’m twenty-one this year, and well he was right. My music taste has diversified, and I find joy in almost every genre of music now; somewhere there will be something I like. In London at the moment, albeit eight years later than Hamburg and Berlin caught on, the minimal techno scene is, to say the least, rather big (contrary to the genre itself). Minimal techno, for those who don’t know plays upon the minimalism theories that less is more. I’ll preface now that what I’m about to blog will not be for everyone.

Mulletover, is a monthly London warehouse party; with its habitat announced only hours before each night is to kick off, with DJs that play until ten oclock the following morning, and a dance ensemble of everyone from indie boys to goths, chavs to thirty-something-working-professionals. Donned in their outfits from crazy to plain, they dance for hours to the repetitive and hypnotic blends of techno, acid house, and minimal.

Geddes; one half behind the event, is a resident DJ and producer himself. This month sees his split E.P. with Alex Jones. Simple vocal loops with built up effects echo throughout the mesmerising beats, single noted synth melodies create a wave of excitement, and by the time each breakdown comes around, and then is over you’ll be captivated, awaiting the drop, and when it comes, you’ll find it impossible to sit still.  The E.P. featuring some of the best of the genre is well worth buying, and for that reason I won’t be linking the tracks here.

Instead I’ll be linking a track from one of Geddes’ old releases, the 2007, rather nicely entitled ‘Trial & Error’ E.P., in each A-side is entitled ‘Trial’ and ‘Error’. Here much of the same is true as his recent release; hypnotic melodies, and repetitive beats, all lulling you into a sense of security and when those minimal drops come you’ll be praying for more.

As stated, the genre isn’t for everyone, it will be easy to find this music mundane and irritating, bland, or dull, but try something new. Who knows, you may be just like me, and really love it. As for Thoughts for Tonight, fear not guitar purists; next week’s column will be something a bit more familiar.


Geddes’ Myspace //Mulletover Website