Thoughts for Tonight: Jamie Jones


The past few weeks have been fairly hectic, and unfortunately, this column has suffered its weekly spot, so expect a few over coming weeks to compensate.

Jamie Jones‘ debut album, to be released 31st August, must seemingly come from nowhere; unknown except in the underground club scene, where his name is spiraling to a stage impossible to ignore. ‘Don’t You Remember the Future’ sounds just like it’s title; a tech-house album that plays with, and pushes, sci-fi imagery to an aural plateau that is mesmerizing and brilliant.

‘Don’t You Remember the Future’ is instantly dark; the minor chord patterns that feature in place and choice of ethereal synthesizers in others, create an unparalleled atmosphere from start to finish. The arbitrary blips, glips, and other sound effects, that intersperse sound as percussion only add to this, and Jamie Jones’ vocal sampling really sets a new standard within the genre.

Despite the eerie tone of the record, in no place does it loses it energy; Jamie Jones’ peaks and drops are energetic throughout. ‘Summertime’ and ‘Galactic Space Bar’ have been filling underground clubs in London for months now, but ‘Sand Dunes’, ‘Belter’ and ‘Turning Tables’ stand even stronger with their ability to move the listener.

The L.P. is a self-proclaimed concept album; a journey through his own experimental subconscious, and for an hour its one of the most hypnotic, captivating experiences you’ll have. My only desire now with this record is to experience more of it in a club; any club-goers will know the difference the club makes, but bear witness to the fact that this already blows you away at home. He’s gotten here quickly, and from the sound of this album it seems like space is the only limit.

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