Thoughts for Tonight: Jamie T


So your resident Thoughts for Tonight column has indeed been missing for nearly a month now; moving house and being internetless has been hectic, and ultimately stilted the columns for a few weeks. My internet-free moving process has, however, meant that I’ve listened to more Radio. British radio leaves you very limited for choice, and most stations play pop almost exclusively.

One hidden gem though, is within the surprising airplay, that the new Jamie T E.P. title track has received. Jamie T’s first album released over two years ago was a glimpse into the modern teenage life; drunken fights, heavy drug use, loitering the streets and London in general. It was a record permanently freezing a lifestyle that I’d seen at the time. 2 years on, and Jamie T’s new E.P. seems to tone everything down a notch; his chaotic dub and indie inspired hiphop diversifies to a reggae and punk inspired blend instead. The E.P. has its slow moments and yet its also got its shambolic elements that wouldn’t feel too detached from a Gogol Bordello track.

Lyrically Jamie T returns to alcohol – a notion that was left off his first album, in place of harder drug writing. The lyrical themes seem to regress, but they don’t fail to mature. Jamie T seems to have mellowed, and while on the face of some lyrics, that may now seem lacklustre, childish or broken, in truth there’s a progression thats everso subtle and in an eclectic taste, that leads me to be truly excited for the forthcoming album. Jamie T has impressed again, and i was beginning to worry he’d fall into the second release trap that leaves me disappointed with so many artists ive found and enjoyed over the past two years. Instead im left with a sense of nostalgia for his first album, joy from this E.P., and complete excitement for his second L.P.

LISTEN: Jamie T – Sticks ‘n’ Stones