Thoughts for Tonight: Mount Kimbie

So where have I been? I was wondering if I would still be able to log in or not, but sure enough here I am. Not to bore you with my personal life (for if you wanted that you could read something else) but I moved around New Year, and since then have been largely without internet. Yet fear not, ‘Thoughts for Tonight’ has returned.

The past few weeks with internet have been playing catchup very quickly with everything I missed since I went offline; and this mostly a huge influx of new music. I’ve recently had to conduct an interview for a dubstep duo that I was worried I wouldn’t like. Yet as soon as I listened to their first E.P., I knew there was something new going on here. This new strain of dubstep, has been called a pastiche of 2step, ambient, IDM, techno, electronica, minimal, nu-jazz and almost any other genre under the sun. Resident Advisor noted in certain circles they just call it “-step,” though what circles that is I don’t really wish to know. The London-based duo are called Mount Kimbie.

The track that I’m bringing to you is a remix they’ve done for British indie group Foals; a group that Hadouken would have fervently mocked in That Boy, That Girl. Foals seem to have changed direction slightly with the track:Spanish Sahara, at least if this is anything to go by, and the rather beautiful melancholy that the song brings is wonderfully paired with the Mount Kimbie remix; dark, haunting, and really rather emotive. The remix doesn’t rely on the climaxes that the Foals original does, it delivers its beauty in a much more subtle light, and it suits the song wonderfully.

I had many plans for what Thoughts for Tonight should return with, and this was really chosen at last minute, but its completely overtaken my listening habits of late, and so I was left with little other choice.

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)

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