Thoughts for Tonight: Organ Morgan

mathew mayes

Playing with a downtempo, nu-jazz, trip-hop sound that isn’t too much of a distraction from The Avalanches, Lemon Jelly, or Mr. Scruff, Organ Morgan should be whipping up a storm soon. I’ve been listening to this sampling E.P. quite heavily for a number of weeks now, and as the U.K. has finally been regraced with some sunshine, there seems like no better time.

Matthew Mayes, a.k.a. Organ Morgan, has been producing dance-related music for over seven years now; having had experience with house, trance, minimal techno and ambient, with tracks released on label such as Oxyd, Cuba, and Nike. Mayes is no stranger to electronic music, yet with Organ Morgan he seems to have found his element.

Playing with the sounds of summer the ‘Cocaine Afternoon E.P.’ features three tracks following letters of the alphabet Broke Heart, Cocaine Afternoon, and Do Not Disturb, and acts as a sample E.P. for a forthcoming, ambitious 26 track full-length ‘Alphabet’.

Like the Avalanches, Organ Morgan is sample driven, re-imagining Mayes’ vinyl collection in a new light. The E.P. shows diversity already; Cocaine Afternoon peaks like a June afternoon, while Broken Heart shows a darker hip-hop edge that removes seasonal specificity from the songs. Metaphor aside, Organ Morgan plays on a formula that in the past has worked well, yet instead of simply imitating the likes of The Avalanches; it resolutely shows a promise of escaping their sample-laden shadow.

Listen :: Cocaine Afternoon

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