Thoughts for Tonight: Summer


Firstly apologies for the delay in this column, and I’ll forewarn that I am in the processing of moving house. Thus, over the next few weeks internet access is uncertain, and so if you don’t see a column from me for a while it doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared completely.

As a British citizen, I can only guess what foreign stereotypes of us are, and amongst denying the obvious — that infact we don’t all have bad teeth, exclusively drink tea, and live in castles (contrary to what you may have read about recent British politicians and their moats) — we do complain a lot. There is nothing we like to complain about more than about the weather. For good reason to. Despite these fears of climate change and global warming, so far we’ve been treated to cold but very non-snowy winters and mild and stormy summers. Which is why during this past May when we’ve had mostly glorious sunshine, its come as a bit of a shock. Temperatures soaring into the mid twenties is not only a rarity, but a blessing.

I love Summer, as I’m sure most do, and one counterpart that truly makes my summer is finding perfect summer soundtracks. Having been a keen compilation maker since the days that, most people thought a CD-R was something from Star Wars, I like to think I’ve become quite good at it now. I currently have three summer playlists depending on mood. The most recently compiled is a Progressive House mix for when I want something a bit dancey, but the other two lie a little more closely to my traditional summer playlists.


The Creation‘s Making Time is a freak-beat classic; psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll to its core, and what could we Brits do better? Lending its way from British beat, The Spencer Davis Group proudly deliver Gimme Some Lovin’. The beautifully chilled-out Just Another Diamond Day by the ‘Godmother of Freak Folk’ Vashti Bunyan needs to be in any summer playlist.

Leaning towards more contemporary side of things; free-jazz-inspired drum ‘n’ bass act London Elektricity do nothing like they do chilled out summery drum ‘n’ bass, and their track Outnumbered is no exception. Progressive Electronica DJ Grand Son give 2009 one of the best releases so far and their Side A Corners will please anyone. Finally with the electronic side of summer, look no further than the staple of British 90s dance Chicane, and an ambient remix of the popular Offshore.

It will certainly be an eclectic summer for me, but they all share the same notion that as soon as the sun comes out, these songs make the already great, perfect.

The Creation – Making Time
Grand Son – Corners
The Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin
Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day
London Elektricity – Outnumbered
Chicane – Offshore (Ambient Remix)

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  1. mike ryko

    wow! that’s SO eclectic it’s amazing! Like, The Creation, AND then Chicane! You must have such a broad musical collection. The songs go really really well together, a brilliant mix. So eclectic.