Thoughts for Tonight: The Good Natured

The Good Natured a.k.a. Sarah McIntosh is just about to have a remix of one of her electropop songs featured on the latest Kitsune Maison Compilation. Over the Easter holidays she uploaded a Cure cover to her Myspace for fans, just a bedroom demo, but alluring nonetheless. We caught up with her for a quick Q+A.

It’s been just over a year since The Guardian named you their New Band of the Day, how have things come along for you, since February last year? 
After I was named Guardian New Band of the Day, I had to take a break from music to focus on my A levels, as getting good grades was really important to me. After that I picked it up again. I am still doing much the same, gigging and writing lots, but I have had time to develop my sound and find my own direction, which I am really pleased about.

What’s your recording process at the moment; equipment, software, etc?
It depends who I am working with. My demos are all done on Cubase which I have at home, but when I work with producers its usually Logic or Protools

Your electro-pop has prompted allusions to the likes of Kate Nash, Bat For Lashes, Lady Gaga, and Lily Allen. How do you feel about these links? 
I really like Bat For Lashes and Lady Gaga is an amazing writer and performer. To be honest I don’t really think much about comparisons; I just do my own thing.

The music press has a tendency to immediately correlate female artists with one another on the basis of sex, what are your thoughts on this?
Yeah there is, I actually think every female artist out there at the moment is very different and unique in their own way, it is shallow to group them all together because of gender.

Am I right in understanding you’re also at University? What are you studying?
No, I differed my studies in order to put maximum time into my own music, hoping it will pay off!

How did the Zebra and Snake Remix come about, and what’s it like to have one of your songs remixed? Is there anyone you’d like to work with, in terms of remixes, in the future?
Dan, my PR guy, also does press for Zebra and Snake, so it came about through him. Its great to have one of your songs remixed and really interesting to see which elements remixers pick up on in the song. Not really sure about who I would like to remix me in the future – I haven’t thought about it too much!

How do you feel about being being on the new Kitsuné Maison compilation?
Its really great, it will be great to get the exposure from it , they are a brilliant label.

Why the choice of Lovesong as a Cure cover?
Ha, I don’t really know. I did that cover on Easter Day whilst eating lots of chocolate, its not very good quality but it was a bit of fun and I am really glad people like it. I think its a beautiful song, so I guess thats why I chose it.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to in 2010?
Playing festivals in the summer, as I have never done that before, so I am really excited about it. Most of all though, I am excited about releasing “Your Body Is A Machine” as my single and showing people the video.

Thanks to The Good Natured for the track and Q+A.

Lovesong (Cure Cover)

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    joshua i have always loved your work its great and well done, by the way i suggest listen to some somali music you will love it and get an inspiration from there and mix it with your touch. it will become outclass.