time cast a spell on you…

This post is dedicated to the untimely passing of Becca Darling. Becca inspired many people like musician Amanda Palmer, Boston locals, friends, and artists of all kinds with her love of music, art and words. She had a personal music blog where she shared some of the greatest “songs you don’t like yet, but you will soon”. Two of Becca Darling’s last posts from this summer showcased tracks from the Fleetwood Mac cover and tribute compilation called Just Tell Me That You Want Me featuring artists like MGMT, Antony, The Kills, and Lykke Li.

(A few months ago a draft post about this album was created for music is art, but it never was the right time to publish until now. It seems only natural to thank Becca Darling and to credit her for not only the introduction to her timeless love of music, but for her love of sharing things that were and will be always beautiful. My heart goes out to all of those that lost our friend.)

Lykke Li‘s version of Fleetwood Mac’s song Silver Springs is haunting in every way. She places her own element with sweet phrasing, keeps the song simple in technique, but still allows for the melody and meaning to sound as broken hearted as the original. Back in 1977, Fleetwood Mac created Silver Springs about the romantic, spiraling, and dramatic relations of the band. Although the song never made the final cut onto their album Rumors, the beloved single was placed on the B side to “Go Your Own Way”. Enjoy.

Time cast a spell on you
But you won’t forget me
I know I could have loved you
But you would not let me


Original: Fleetwood Mac
Cover: Lykke Li