time is ..but a memory

the thing that i’m into is the philosophy of the music.
i love the surprise of things
the accidents…
just the sound of a word, to try to express them in the best way, so that the emotion is totally revealed.

back in 2003, beth gibbons of portishead and long time friend rustin’ man [paul webb of talk talk] collaborated together on the haunting autumn album *out of season*. the achingly beautiful arrangements of instruments surrounding strong lyrics and intoxicating vocals created a feeling that bled longing and loss as a secret sense of love and hope from start to finish.

after the album’s release, bib and i went to experience beth gibbons & rustin man live at st. ann’s warehouse in brooklyn. with members of portishead and talk talk as the band standing inside a backlit blue shadow, everyone faded into their own perfect private view. inbetween breaths and hauls of a cigarette, beth clutched her microphone with both hands, gently whispering elegant melodies. cast under a spell, the audience swayed in humbled quiet awe. surprised by the epic intensity of crashing drums, loud acoustic guitars, swooping strings and dark keyboards, transcending through beth’s powerful and simultaneously fragile evocative voice — every song delivered touching each and everyone’s hearts.

to go from listening to the album out of season and then seeing this live was something quite out of the land where dreams are made of. recently stumbling upon the berlin recording of this tour, it truly reminded me of just how lucky we were to be there.

live in berlin // 2003
*** highly recommended


romance ***




tom the

sand river

funny time
of year

candy says ***
[velvet underground]


15 Responses

  1. Myriem

    Wow, these are tremendous. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope I get a chance to see her perform at some point.

  2. Anonymous

    thanks a lot
    beth gibbons and portishead music is so hard too find..
    Now Beth, please i want this new portishead album
    nearly 10 years that i’m waiting for it…

  3. centric

    the words here are beautiful and really touching.

    music IS art.

    thank you for sharing a piece of you.

  4. Candy Minx

    Hi y’all! I miss ya, just checking in and sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I am not at home, out of town on the road doing business. Just popped by to say so and I just linked you once again to my blog because a few of us are trying an experiemnt called “20 comments wednesday” to see if we can pick up the moral of blogging and keep it lively and expose each other to other cool blogs.

    Hope you are having a great summer and love all the music around here.


  5. Anonymous

    candy says sounds like it was made for beth. have you heard antony’s version?

  6. rebecca

    funny time of year is absolutely amazing! over 10 minutes long!!! thanks for posting this.

  7. Anonymous

    There is no doubt about it, this is the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen. I’m constantly intrigued by the way you present yourself through music and art. Thanks for all the hard work, it really shows.

  8. hipporebecca

    wow- thanks for this. I’m a HUGE fan of Beth Gibbons and Portishead. I saw this show at Glastonbury 2003 so thanks for providing more concrete memories of the great show!
    I’m still waiting for that promised Portishead album of 2005….

  9. Peter

    thanks muchly for these. sounds much better than the album, which kinda washed over me a bit…