to think of us again..

art by joe petruccio

one summer’s eve, we were driving listening to led zeppelin.
it sounded so good we knew we had to stop the car. hidden inside a dark rest area, we turned it up so loud, we didnt even care. comfortably in our own worlds, sitting back with the chairs reclined and closing our eyes, it was so easy to get lost under a spell of hypnotic guitars and penetrating lyrics. we were well off into a trance when an alarming vision of a tired man came and knocked upon our window. turn it down. turn it down? turn it down, are you crazy… maybe.

..i gotta go away from this place..

don’t you hear it?

i can hear it callin’ me
the way it used to do
i can hear it
callin’ me back home

to me, one of my very favorite led zeppelin songs is *babe im gonna leave you.* originally from the 1950s, it was a folk song written by an obscure musician, anne bredon. recently i found out joan baez initially performed this song in the very early days of her career. to be able to listen to this woman’s overwhelming fragile emotions swimming within familiar words scattered over alternating strings of a beautiful spanish guitar is touching and almost painful. jimmy page said that when he first heard ms. baez singing this, he immediately became inspired then created it into his own amazing arrangement with led zeppelin.

“think for yourself. question authority.”

on the wonderful mini-box set salival, tool released their stunning version of led zeppelin’s *no quarter*. known for each guitar solo, this eleven minute studio cover created a dark, moody atmosphere mixing within the original’s feeling of isolation, overlooking a cold honest view of the end of the world. inside the ways an expressive band keeps a listeners interest, there were absolutely no boundries here. tool add their own extended dimension of an elegantly twisted reality and remain in tight, full control of their very own musical direction.

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  1. tomadde

    I really like the way Tool changed some bits of the original version (including lyrics), without losing the same atmosphere and respecting the original sound.

    And while we’re talking great bands, you should check out CLOON, a Belgian band that sounds somewhat like Tool meets Primus. An EPK is available on !