“whats the point of being alive if yr not sensual?
its relaxed, its natural.”

one of my very favorite shows was back in 1999, tricky at the avalon in boston. feeling his words shaking and trembling, his body twitching surrounded by strong background vocals and an amazing full band leaving everyone in that intimate venue speechless.
am i gone?
i want to be reborn
you want to live
but you dont know how
tricky’s debut maxinquaye was a masterpiece that included the poetic stylings of martina topley bird.
in 2003, she created her own solo album quixotic captivating listeners once again with her sweet sensual innocence taking a hold leaving you breathless, wanting more.

there were two versions released.. the us album was renamed anything and the tracks were stripped and reordered due to the labels’ belief that americans wouldn’t understand it. however, when listening to the uk official album quixotic, the real songs appear the way it was meant to be heard found inside an elegant journey of trip hop mixed within true passionate soul.

listen to martina: llya, sandpaper kisses
listen to tricky: overcome, black steel

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    aw… I love when cds tell a story through ordering of songs (which is why i love the Street’s album, ‘A Grand Don’t Come for Free.’)

    I’m irked now that I know it was changed up. I have the us release. 🙁

  2. Dan

    Hey, got here from the forum. I like what you do here, and this is music that I’ve never been introduced to. I’ll be following along from here. One point of disagreement though, I’m not sure that I consider the avalon to be an “intimate” venue. Not as compared to the paradise or especially the middle east.