tuesday chill mix iii


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Below is the third series of the “Tuesday Chill Mix” collection. Please enjoy!
Feel free to enjoy the mix at this link here in full or individally below:

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South Londoner KWABS showcases emotionally deep R&B soul mixed with the brilliant production talent of Sohn.



TWOS collaboration with TOURS is a perfect match of blended qualities of experimental house and chill wave.



Essex based producer Stuart Howard, better known as LAPALUX, complimentary creates sensuality within playful beats and whispers of vocal samples. Lapalux has been featured in a previous mix, but deserves to be heard again as 2014 will sure be his year of true recognition.



Melbourne’s five piece SNAKADAKTAL creates beautiful melodic indie-pop. This track adds another dimension with a reworking by Ta-Ku.



CHROME SPARKS may be Brooklyn based but recently he signed on to Australian label Future Classic (home of Flume, Classixx, Flight Facilities, Jagwar Ma) to share his new EP, Sparks full of blissed out electronica.



Rudimental is a collaboration between four UK producers that have been friends for over 15 years, and enjoyed creating with soon-to-be-known celebrities. One night Rudimental were all together at a small open mic night when they saw John Newman perform, and they knew immediately they had to work with them. That night eventually turned into this intensity.



After discovering David August through Motel de Moka, it was hard not to fall in love with the instrumental aspect of such a suave and theatrical production. This song belongs in a movie.


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