turn on the bright lights.

may anyone have a room or know
someone who needs a roommate in new york city?
im searching for a temporary home.

one of my favorite interpol songs untitled was the first opening track to turn on the bright lights.

when i first heard this album, i spent so much time feeling myself apart of new york. dark tall buildings under red, purple and blue streaming lights, the rush of times square, golden yellow taxi cabs, broken sidewalks and myself happily alone walking down the unknown city streets, finding my way with my headphones.

photography by automatt
interpol drawing by enrico fioraso

5 Responses

  1. BurmaShave

    Those are some of the most gorgeous pictures of NYC I’ve ever seen. Really strange and awesome. Much appreciated. Good look with your search.

  2. musicisart

    awww thankyou cecilia for the kind words. leif erikson and the new are definitely part of my favorites too. good choices 🙂

  3. Cecilia

    This morning was so Untitled for me, in this side of the world (France). When the day starts like this there’s nothing better than continue with Leif Erikson and The New.
    Thanks for surprise us, sometimes…Your blog is very inspiring!